The Interdisciplinary Biochemistry Masters Program IBMP, is a new, joint thesis masters program between the Departments of Molecular and Structural Biochemistry and the Departments of Plant and Microbial Biology; Food, Bioprocessing, & Nutrition Science; Animal Science; and the Prestage Department of Poultry Science. IBMP scholars will receive a Masters of Science degree in the Department of Biochemistry. After completing the three core biochemistry classes, scholars will focus on an area of interest by choosing from faculty in the five departments to carry out research for their masters thesis. Possible areas of research include human health, probiotics, human milk biochemistry, microbiome metabolics, nutrition, plant metabolism, or engineering of plants for nutraceuticals, and pharmaceuticals


The IBMP scholarship will pay recipients’ tuition and health insurance through a training grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF). In order to promote diversity within the university and the biotech industry, scholarships will be awarded preferentially to academically talented low-income students from underrepresented groups. Additional funding for stipend support may be available through the IBMP, industry internships (see below) or the student’s research lab.

Student support

The IBMP is committed to supporting scholars to assure their success in the program. Scholars will enter the program as part of a cohort of 7-8 students. Faculty advisors will assist with long term planning and deciding on coursework. The program will promote the development of social networks to ensure students feel they belong in the program and at NC State. Academic and career support will also be available.

Career planning

Scholars will develop career plans as an integral part of the IBMP. Scholars interested in careers in the growing biotech or agricultural industries can arrange an industry internship or find an industry advisor. Scholars will develop the necessary ‘soft’ skills to successfully compete for jobs, such as interviewing, writing a resume and self-promotion. Graduates will also be well-qualified to pursue advanced degrees such as a PhD, MD, DO or DVM.

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