Clinical Breastfeeding Support (online non-credit, 55 hrs)

-Rolling admissions, 6 months to complete

-Prerequisites: Breastfeeding and Public Health or equivalent*

-Cost: $425

In this non-credit course, students will learn skills and content required for entry level clinical support for infant feeding. Students will learn the fundamentals of infant positioning, latch, and suckle, assessment skills required to evaluate physical development of both the mother and the infant, milk synthesis, milk production, and milk transfer. This course will also prepare the learner to manage the feeding needs of infants across the age spectrum, from the premature infant to the toddler and older child. We will discuss complicated scenarios, to include breastfeeding with physical anomalies, infant hyperbilirubinemia, hypoglycemia, slow weight gain, failure to thrive, and many others.

Learn more: check out the Clinical Breastfeeding Support Expanded Course Description for a full course outline, syllabus, materials list, and sample lesson.

Eligible for a maximum of 55.0 CME, CNEs, and/or CPEUs and for 5.5 CEUs. Learn more on our FAQ page.

*This course may be taken alone if you have prior coursework (e.g. other lactation trainings) or are seeking specific clinical skills for your role (e.g. physician, midwife, nurse practitioner). Please contact us to discuss if you have questions.

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