Ellen Chetwynd

Ellen Chetwynd PhD, MPH, RN, BSN, IBCLC is a researcher, writer, senior lactation consultant, and breastfeeding advocate. Her clinical specialty is breastfeeding pain and dysfunctional suck. She has utilized disparate modalities, including cranio-sacral therapy, to create a series of techniques that access infant reflexes and learning, guiding babies to think their way to better nursing. Her current research focuses on the craft of lactation consulting, including the evidence base for clinical care as well as the integration of International Board Certified Lactation Consultants into the healthcare system. Her publications span diverse topics in breastfeeding including induction of breast milk in non-puerpural mothers, breastfeeding pain, breastfeeding and metabolic health, reimbursement of IBCLCs, and the efficacy of breastfeeding support. Ellen serves as the chair of the North Carolina Lactation Consultant Association, and Chair-Elect of the North Carolina Breastfeeding Coalition. Outside of breastfeeding advocacy and support, she is an avid gardener and loves getting into the woods to hike, bike or run. Her personal website can be found at: https://www.ellenchetwynd.com/